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XCritical AMS is a platform for efficiently managing and collaborating with affiliate programs. It has all the necessary functionality to evaluate partners' work and analyze their contribution to the broker's profit.

Advantages of XCritical AMS:

  • Marketing materials
  • Templates for marketing campaigns and emails
  • Marketing links tracking
  • Different partnership models
  • Multi-level affiliate system
  • Flexible settings

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XСritical Affiliates Management System

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Marketing materials

XCritical AMS enables affiliates to place different marketing materials to attract new customers. The platform contains ready-made templates for sites, landing pages, and mobile apps, using which the broker's affiliates will quickly attract more leads.

Templates for marketing campaigns and emails

Ready-made templates make it easier to launch marketing campaigns, with users being able to change or develop them according to their own solutions. The platform has a built-in constructor for campaigns. XCritical AMS allows you to quickly attract leads, increasing the broker's profit in the short term.

Marketing campaigns tracking

Platform functionality includes tracking marketing links posted on websites, emails, social networks, banners, and advertisements. Through tracking, affiliates can monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns, recording the leads' actions. All gathered data is sorted by date, location, and other parameters, with functionality that allows you to prioritize more profitable campaigns.

Different partnership models

The XCritical AMS settings make it possible to collaborate with affiliates on CPA, CPC, CPL, Rebate, and RevShare models. The platform's functionality will also help create its own format for working with partners.

Multi-level affiliate system

XCritical AMS contains tools that allow partners to build their own multi-level marketing structure, with the sub-affiliates also being able to operate under this model. The platform allows you to fully monitor the process, analyzing and tracking its effectiveness in real time.

Flexible settings

XCritical AMS provides support for several brands of affiliate programs and can be integrated with different CRM systems. In turn, affiliates can access the reports on attracted leads, their trade activity, and other data. AMS can either be used as the XCritical brokerage system, or as an independent module.

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