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Crypto Exchange

With XCritical Crypto Exchange your own full-fledged crypto exchange can go live in 48 hours.  The service includes buying, selling, and exchanging tokens and cryptocurrencies, while also allowing you to store clients' funds securely and providing reliable data protection.

Core XCritical Crypto Exchange functionality:

  • Order book creation
  • Responsive interface
  • iOS and Android apps
  • All types of trading orders
  • Fast execution transactions
  • Integration with CRM

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XCritical Crypto Exchange is a secure and high-speed platform

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Order book formation

XCritical Crypto Exchange connects to more than 30 crypto exchanges to form orders. The product allows you to create an order book using flexible settings.

Responsive interface

The user interface was developed by the best UX/UI experts, allowing even novice traders to understand the functionality of the platform quickly. The product is easy to use and convenient for trading thanks to the interface's informativeness and responsiveness,  combined with a modern design.

iOS and Android apps

The system has an application for iOS and Android devices with all the necessary tools to close crypto trades. The website also has a mobile version, which works on any device.

All types of trading orders

Traders can convert cryptocurrencies instantly. Users can set up the market and implement a stop limit, as well as limit orders.

Quick transaction execution

XCritical Crypto Exchange is an optimized product that allows users to receive current market prices quickly, with trading orders executed almost instantly.

Integration with CRM

Crypto Exchange is integrated with XCritical CRM. Using both products in a single system improves performance, and in this format, you have even more control over data and trader actions.

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