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XCritical Trading Platform

XCritical is an innovative trading platform designed with traders' needs in mind. A full arsenal of technical analysis tools will help you get the most out of any market situation! With advanced trading features like Autochartist, Signal Swipe, and compatibility with all devices, you can trade from anywhere, anytime.

The XCritical platform is the result of longstanding development, and we are proud to say that it is one of the most advanced trading platforms on the market. Not only reliable but also easy to use. A user-friendly interface and intuitive design make trading enjoyable.

The most critical factors in trading are stability and security. We understand your customer funds and data are paramount, so we have implemented the latest security protocols to ensure your information is always protected. The XCritical trading platform is stable and reliable, allowing you to focus on growing your business without worrying about technical glitches.

  • Integration with 250 payment gateways
  • Credit cards data protection (PCI DSS certificate)
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Automated market analysis from Autochartist
  • Full integration with MetaTrader 4/5
  • Branded mobile application
  • Multi-brand management
  • Compliance with requirements of multiple regulations
  • Full integration with CRM
  • Affiliate management system
  • Customized settings

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XCritical Trading Platform: the best trading experience for your customers

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XCritical CRM

XCritical's CRM is designed to meet crypto, CFD, and forex brokers' unique needs. It provides advanced protection for sensitive data and enables seamless management of trader activity to enhance operational efficiency and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Mobile Applications

XCritical's mobile apps for iOS and Android allow traders to stay connected and trade on the go thanks to full-scale features that enable fast and secure trading from anywhere, at any time.

Boost Trading Volume with Autochartist Signals and Copy Trading

Level up newcomer traders' strategies with an in-built Autochartist for technical analysis, trading signals, and copy trading capabilities.

Expand Your Horizons with more than 10,000 Trading Instruments

Unlock the limitless trading potential of your clients with XCritical's platform, thanks to over 10,000 trading instruments available for currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities.

Partner with XCritical to Get Exceptional Broker Services and Support

At XCritical, we're dedicated to empowering your clients to succeed. We offer a full package of services, including a personal account manager, 24/7 technical support, training, and assistance with marketing and sales. Partner with us today and benefit from each component of our unparalleled service and profound expertise.

Advanced Features, Global Reach, and Quick Setup

XCritical's state-of-the-art trading platform offers an intuitive design, a vast array of trading indicators, assets, and technical analysis tools, and supports 12 languages. XCritical is the perfect choice for brokers controlled by different regulators. And on top of that, with a quick and easy setup process, you can be up and running in just two days.

Revolutionize Your Trading Experience with XCritical's Signal Swipes

XCritical's Signal Swipes provides a unique and exciting trading experience that streamlines the decision-making process. Say goodbye to tedious manual analysis and dive into an engaging trading experience. Try Signal Swipes today and discover a new level of trading enjoyment.

Trading platform
Why should you use the XCritical trading platform?

There are dozens of trading platforms of all kinds. The XCritical solution is consistently among the top options. Our software is used by 1000+ traders daily. It’s simple to understand why – we provide user-friendly UI/UX designs, more features than any other software, powerful trading signals, and mobile compatibility. Besides, the XCritical trading platform is available for all operating systems, devices, and languages.

Forex soft must come with maximum security. We implement modern technologies, and that is another reason brokers and traders trust our platform. It’s a reliable and secure place to work with your funds on a regular basis. There have never been any hacks in our software due to regular updates, constant testing, and monitoring.

Your customers will appreciate having the possibility to work with XCritical along with other platforms.

Control all processes

There are 9,6 million traders worldwide, and each of them is acquainted with the leading Forex software for trading. When they see a familiar name like XCritical in the list, their trust level will likely grow significantly. Our platform is constantly among the leading software solutions, so it is well-known among your clients. Furthermore, 71% of consumers are likely to buy a product from a brand they recognize; thus, having our platform among your services would only bring more customers.

If you already have a Forex trading solution, getting additional software would still be beneficial. Variety is always profitable. It is especially noticeable when you see the choices people make. That’s also one of the reasons many brokers implement more than one application. Clients are able to choose the option that’s best for them. Not everyone is accustomed to one type of software!

4 steps to get your own XCritical Forex platform

Below is a quick guide to building a profitable Forex platform for your brokerage business. It’s fast, easy, and simple!

The more details you describe, the faster your trading platform will be ready to use. Make sure you double-check the lists to see if you’ve included all the points. Then, leave a request in the contact form at the bottom of this page.
After receiving all the details regarding your request, the experts at XCritical proceed to the preparation stage. We analyze every requirement and build a platform that complies with all needs. The terms of this process vary. Our representative will inform you about the deadline before work begins. During this stage, our developers ensure the XCritical Forex platform has all the requested features and is updated to the latest version. This step ensures maximum stability. They can also help with integrating the solution within your website or application if required.
Now is the stage when your business gets the first results of our work. The XCritical team installs the solution on your side, ensuring all details work as intended. It might take some time, although this usually is a matter of several days. Precise deadlines will be sent by our representative. After the work is complete, your business gets a fully integrated Forex platform that is ready to be shown to thousands of clients. You can test it to see that everything works. When everything is checked, it is time to open access to all your customers.
Teaching is another important part of integrating the XCritical Forex software. Your team should know how to control the trading platform, change its settings, and apply upgrades at any time. Our manager also conducts detailed guides on using the application. They include interface explanations, technical issues, and other information. Leave your request now!


  • Is the XCritical Forex trading platform safe?

    Yes, the software is certified by major institutions and complies with the requirements of the financial commissions. In addition, there have never been any hacks or data leaks connected to XCrticials products.

  • Why should I use XCritical?

    The platform is well-known among thousands of traders worldwide. It provides multiple assets, trading features, analysis tools and is available in many languages. Besides, it also supports all devices. This is a secure and efficient solution for your business.

  • Will I get support after purchasing access to the platform?

    Yes, XCritical is always ready to assist clients with any issues. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our support via the contact form on this page. Our representative will answer ASAP.

See our products in action

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re curious about XCritical features or would like to see a demo — we are here to answer all your questions.

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