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SmartBot is an interactive online bot which is integrated with the XCritical trading platform. It is developed on an AI basis, with the bot taking into account data from CRM and previous user requests, and transmitting relevant information to the trader, based on key market indicators. The user benefits from 24/7 assistance and support, and automated dialogs with investors are constructed using one of several hundred scenarios.

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SmartBot: Helps investors and brings profit to brokers!

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Provides information about the market situation

SmartBot informs traders about the status of quotations of financial instruments. The bot provides trade recommendations  by analyzing the market, and justifying recommendations with relevant news and economic events.

Reduces the burden on the support department

The bot's functionality includes assistance with adding data for KYC and loading documents. SmartBot can provide answers to the traders’ Frequently Asked Questions, as well as offering many other valuable features that can provide support for thousands of traders, simultaneously and 24/7.

Increases conversion

SmartBot assists customers with selecting services, replenishing their accounts, and withdrawing funds. According to bot usage statistics, nearly 10% of traders reach the stage of making the first deposit without contacting the support department. SmartBot is a powerful tool that will save the Sales and Retention departments' resources.

Free analytics without restrictions

SmartBot helps novice investors improve their trading skills in financial markets by sharing useful information and teaching them to analyze quote schedules and make transactions.

Provides information about new company services and events

SmartBot informs traders about meaningful company events, ensuring that no invitations are lost in their mail. The bot will also remind traders of training or event times and schedules.

Trusted assistant

SmartBot eliminates bureaucratic delays when transferring information to traders. User requests will be automatically directed to the personal manager, and the bot collects and analyzes information from the entire XCritical system, including data from clients who use it.

SmartBot: A broker's best friend

  • Works on all devices
  • Converses with thousands of users simultaneously, 24/7
  • Helps to pass KYC/AML
  • Informs traders about current market events
  • Prepares news selections and economic events based on client interests
  • Helps to open the first transaction and provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sends notifications about important company events
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