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Connectors is a product that allows you to connect broker customers to more than 30 crypto exchanges. The service provides data access for trading and provides the option to place orders without any restrictions. Most connectors use WebSocket and Rest connections.

Connectors makes cryptocurrency trading more accessible and convenient, with several main benefits:

  • Arbitration system support
  • Universal crypto exchange
  • Websites with CoinMarketCap data
  • New services for traders
  • Trading bots, quotes, and apps

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Trading in cryptocurrencies is easier with Crypto Connectors

Crypto connector

An arbitrage system and trading strategies

Crypto connector

A comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange

Crypto connector

CoinMarketCap-like websites containing data

Crypto connector

New connectors for your clients

Crypto connector

Apps, graphs, and trade bots

Crypto Connector System

How to work with Connectors

The service contains everything necessary for you to trade digital assets, while also accumulating cryptocurrency before systematizing and transmitting it in a convenient format. Trading platforms are connected via API, and the service allows users to transfer funds from one exchange to another, compare quotes, set orders, and produce general reports. All the trader needs to do is open the relevant trading platform accounts — Connectors will do the rest.

Crypto Connectors is:

Trade data

The product gives you access to more than 1,000 tokens and 2,000 currency pairs, providing the user with a wealth of information about opening and closing points, and maximum and minimum prices for the selected period. Connectors transmits information on each asset for a specific time frame; all the trader needs to do is specify the financial instrument and relevant time period.

Top asset lists

Connectors compiles lists of tokens and currency pairs from over 30 crypto exchanges, allowing traders to evaluate the most promising financial instruments and make deals. The product’s functionality allows clients to quickly make transactions and develop their investment portfolio from the most liquid assets on different trading platforms.

Trading and conversion of cryptocurrencies

Connectors uses the crypto exchange AP, which allows the quick placement of orders and transfers of funds between different sites. The product ensures high trading security and confidentiality of each transaction.

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