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Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet is a separate module of XCritical brokerage services that provides an online crypto storage facility. The product allows you to receive, send, exchange, and store digital assets in one application.

The wallet is integrated with the crypto exchange so that you can convert electronic currencies quickly and conveniently. The app supports all the main coins: BTC, BTC Cash, Litecoin, ETH, and ETH Classic, with the list of compatible assets, constantly growing.

Application functionality:

  • Transaction templates
  • Balance sheet history
  • Transactions
  • Cryptocurrency quotes

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The benefits of working with Crypto Wallet include:

Third section

Transaction templates

Users can save the transactions they need as templates, simplifying the duplication process.

Balance sheet history

The investment portfolio is placed on the main page and data is visualized in charts, making it easier to digest.


You can monitor transactions both in the general history and in individual wallets.

Market reviews

Users receive market reviews in a convenient video format, comprising main news and analysis, both live and pre-recorded.

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