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  • Data collection
  • XCritical Analytics protection and security
  • Performance management
  • Risk control
  • Informed decisions
  • Integration with other platforms

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Transform analytics into profit!

Customized settings

XCritical Analytics is fully customizable according to your strategic objectives. Once properly set up, it allows you to focus on the key business processes while giving you all the metrics necessary. The MT4 server data is compiled into a single detailed report. The website’s mobile version will help you track all your business’ activities on the go.


Transform analytics into profit!

Sales conversion increase

XCritical CRM is a powerful tool for increasing sales and stimulating subsequent deposit replenishment by providing you with full access to all pertinent personal, marketing, and sales data. Call customers directly from the CRM with VOIP and record the entire history of company and client interactions. Keep track of customers currently on the website, or those who had just visited the deposit replenishment page. Call them at the exact right moment!


Transform analytics into profit!

Customer risk management

XCritical Analytics helps you control the use of risky trading methods, such as scalping, arbitrage, news trading, etc. It allows you to easily track your customers’ interests, evaluate the quality and effectiveness of various advertising channels, and makes it a breeze to monitor the work of individual customers or specific groups of customers.

XCritical Analytics: Effective information management

Data collection

XCritical Analytics compiles your clients’ data from various sources and outputs it as a unified report for easy at a glance analyses.

Informed decisions

XCritical Analytics users can screen and analyze reports on each manager, specific teams or brokers and make effective decisions based on accurate figures.

Performance management

The brokers who opted for XCritical Analytics got a working tool that measures sales, marketing, and retention KPIs and displays interim outputs.

Risk control

XCritical Analytics features provide control of large-volume customers whose trading strategies might harm the broker.

XCritical Analytics protection and security

XCritical Analytics allows you to evaluate the flow of toxicity and transaction exposure thereby minimizing unnecessary losses.

Integration with other platforms

XCritical Analytics is fully integrated with MT4 and other trading platforms. The system can be fully customized for each broker depending on the broker’s or organization’s requirements.
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