Mobile apps for Forex trading

Mobile apps for Forex trading

Mobile apps have long become familiar to many people, especially in the Forex industry. Traders need to keep abreast of current market events, deposit funds and close trades quickly. Mobile applications effectively help to cope with these tasks.

IT companies know users’ needs and follow the industry trend. Developers improve mobile applications, regularly update them and release new apps for the Forex industry. The relevance of these products has increased, especially since the MetaTrader 4/5 was removed from the AppStore.

XCritical offers its own solutions, which are high speed, safe, with various functions and user-friendly design. Each application is a live product that is regularly updated and easily adapts to changes in the modern technologies market.

The company recently announced the release of a new version of the popular trading application XCritical for iOS and Android platforms.

Why are XCritical products interesting?

XCritical developers create high-quality products that make Forex trading safe and convenient.

Mobile apps for Forex trading

Exciting features of the XCritical applications:

  • Customer support 24/7.
  • Communication between traders and broker analysts. The application has an in-built chat allowing you to correspond and share files and images. Since texting with the consultant involves transferring important personalized data about the market conditions and the client’s trading operations, this communication channel requires heightened security. Protection is provided by WebRTC technology instead of the standard API. The audio chat window is easily integrated with the CRM database, and flexible access rights settings allow the broker to optimize the work of its staff.
  • The White label and multi-language interface. These features allow easy and fast integration of new partners, expanding the number and geography of users.
  • Smart-authentication. Due to the use of deep linking technology, users receive all necessary settings during the application installation. The authorization system allows you to automatically determine the broker for clients registered in the CMR database. For new users, the appropriate interface language and service provider are determined when switching from Forex-companies’ websites and personalized emails.
  • Reliability and stability. The new version of XCritical Black perfectly copes with its main functions. The application supports trading with a choice of modes and a large list of financial instruments. The application allows you to fund your deposit and performs all functions of the trading platform.
  • Personalization of the application. Setting the «silence time» allows the client to choose the periods when he would not like to receive notifications. Now users don’t need to turn off the sound or refuse entirely to receive push notifications. The customer can always stay in touch and be sure not to miss important information from his manager. A flexible filter allows you to adjust the reception of trading signals. In order not to get lost in the large information flow, your list will display only messages relevant to the chosen trading tools.

The mobile app integration with the developer’s other products is worth mentioning. The broker can benefit by deploying the full XCritical infrastructure, including CRM and AMS. Within a unified system, the company’s products work particularly efficiently.

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